Fiber OpticCabling Solutions

Multi-Mode Fibre Optic Cabling

We believe in providing our customers with a complete design that includes terminations, testing, installation and so much more. Our wide fibre optic networking is some of the best around and it is ideal for long distances as well, providing you with the high bandwidth you need to completely excel your business. Our fibre cables include strands of glass that are then placed in an insulated casing. The glass carries the communication using light pulses and it is becoming more and more common in the work place because you don’t need to worry about electrical interference.


Om1 is a traditional 62.5/125 multi-mode cable. It comes in both loose tube and buffered alternatives and it is very basic when compared to today’s standards. It offers support for cables up to 275m long and it is becoming obsolete when compared to the networks of today.


Om2 is a 50/125 traditional cable. It can support applications up to 550m apart and it is very popular with customers who want small fibre networks. It should be noted that the Om1 and Om2 are very similar when compared to one another because the measurements are based on the cable inside the casing and not the thickness of the cable itself.


This decade has seen plenty of advances when it comes to multimedia. Customers are always wanting more and now a lot of organisations are forced to transmit data at rates of 10Gigabits per second. Like the 6a cable, the Om3 can handle this with ease by using multi-mode fibre optics as well as transferring data over 300m. This really is the current generation and it is a natural progression when compared to the success of the Om2.


The Om4 really is the future when it comes to fibre optics and this is for more reasons than one. First of all, it can provide 10g signal speeds for over 550m. This is more than ideal for a huge range of purposes and it really does take things to the very next level. You will also find that it can give out 100g of speed over 125m as well, so if you want to build your network so it is suitable for years to come and for future releases then this is certainly the right one for you.
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Single-mode fibre optic cabling

Single-mode fibre optic cabling is currently the ultimate future-proof data network solution as it is capable of supporting emerging applications that will require speeds exceeding that of 10Gbps.

OS1 fibre optic cable is the most commonly used single-mode fibre cable. OS1 cable is perfectly suited to support extended distance 10-Gigabit Ethernet.

OS2 fibre optic cable has been developed to allow 10GbE data transmission over very long distances. A low attenuation single-mode fibre cable is required to allow certain applications to operate when the distance exceeds 2000m and OS2 fibre cable provides a solution.