Voice and DataCabling Solutions

Prodicom LTD is a proven expert in the field when it comes to data solutions. We carefully design and install copper and fibre optic cables as well as ensuring that your infrastructure is organised so it functions as efficiently as possible at all times. We use rack-mounted data cabinets and 19 inch patch panels as well, not to mention that we can also handle your IP and PBX telephone patch panels so you know you can trust in us today.

Voice Cabling

We can also install your voice cabling for you, including phone lines, analogue line and other basic telecommunication systems. With VoIP systems catered for as well, it’s safe to say that we are one of the top names in the industry and our modern solutions are ideal for businesses of all sizes.

Local Area Networks

We can install LAN networks which will continue to supply your business, school or office building with shared resources. This includes games, printers, applications and more.

Gigabit Ethernet

We use twisted pair copper cables to enable your desktop to use gigabit Ethernet. Our cabling cancels out any EMI from other sources while also eliminating crosstalk as well. We have two main types of cables, the STP and the UTP. Out of these choices, you can also choose whether or not you want to have them shielded or unshielded as well, if you want to stop electromagnetic interference.

Category 5e

This is a very popular standard when it comes to copper cabling and you could say that it is an enhanced version of the 5 standard. It has been superseded by most expectations and it can transmit data up to 1000 Mbps. This is more than ideal for everyday use and on top of all this it is also very effective for small businesses as well.

Category 6

Category 6 cabling is designed to perform at 250 MHz. It offers a much higher performance when compared to the 5e and it can also perform at a higher gigabit speed as well. Not many things require this type of connection or bandwidth to function, but if you want to run without limits, this is certainly something that you need to consider. Most people would say that category 6 solutions are used for future proofing networks but if you would like to find out more, all you need to do is contact our team today and we will do everything that we can to help.

Category 6a

The current mainstream standard for enhanced performance twisted pair cable systems is category 6a, sometimes referred to as augmented category 6. Category 6a performs at improved specifications, in particular in the area of alien crosstalk, as compared to category 6 UTP which exhibits high alien noise in high frequencies. Category 6a is defined at frequencies up to 500 MHz, twice that of standard category 6, making it a sound solution for future-proofing data networks